Executive Perspective: What it takes to be a good leader

What does it take to be a good leader? A great CEO? It takes passion, patience and empathy.

FierceCEO highlights what it takes to be a good leader, featuring PenVine CEO, Jennifer Schenberg. An excerpt from FierceCEO:


With the new year here, some chief executives weighed in on what they feel are universal traits to be a good, if not great, CEO. The attributes they cited range from having deep emotional ties to the job and employees to quick thinking skills to making sure everyone understands how the company works. In total, the three guidelines they each offered make a case for a technologically astute organization that has a very human feel.

Jennifer Schenberg, CEO of communications firm PenVine:

  • Empathy to understand customer, employee and stakeholder concerns, because business does not always run on positive sentiment. It’s about listening and processing feedback and then addressing those concerns and/or needs.
  • Patience to listen to your team, customers and stakeholders and understand what they need to continue growing with or without you, and make the right decisions that are in their best interests, while ensuring the best interests of the company and its employees.
  • Passion in every communication and interaction about the company and its lifeblood: employees. Passion about your team, services and/or products pulls through every interaction.