2017: A Year of Growth & Innovation

2017 is already a year of growth for the PenVine team. From deep learning, AI and the credit industry to restaurant marketing, mobile advertising and wearable diagnostics, we’re excited to support so much innovation and growth with our clients, globally. I’m so grateful for our team!

Some amazing recent hits:

CNBC: Forget the Fitbit, the Smart Patch is the Hot New Fitness Tracker

USA Today: 4 Credit Card Trends for 2017 and What This Means to You

Becker Hospital Review: Nearly half of patients find it difficult to get up-front cost information

USA Today: Your Driving Record: Insurance Companies’ Crystal Ball

Restaurant News: Here’s How KFC Used Mobile Marketing to Achieve 12% Same Store Revenue Growth

MediaPost: 72% of Marketers Say Data Analysis More Important Than Social Media Skills

Spatial Source: GeoSLAM’s ‘Democratisation’ of Laser Scanning

Happy New Year!